My interest in family photography started when I got pregnant with our first son, Santiago. I realized that I always took photos of everyone, but there were only very few (and usually bad ones) of myself. I wanted to remember and show my kids later in life how I looked back then. So I started with my “advanced selfie photography” project documenting my pregnancy (with the unconditional help of my tripod) and continued after my son was born (there are almost no pictures of him with me unless I take them myself). 

Then I started photographing other friends who were also pregnant or already had kids. It quickly turned into an obsession to become better and better at photographing families in a way that they could look back and remember how they really were. Every photo shoot brings me a lot of joy because I always do it as if I was photographing my own family. 


When I was a kid, I wanted to become a National Geographic photographer when I grew up. I ended up working in marketing, but I’ve continued to chase my dream as a travel and landscape photographer since 2010. You can always find me in the hunt for great light and the perfect location. 


I love colors, sun, and nature because I was born and raised in Colombia. My mother tongue is Spanish if you’re wondering, but I also speak fluent English and German. I can keep calm in stressful situations because of my Finnish heritage (that’s why I have a Nordic last name). I know the importance of being punctual because I’ve been living in Germany for many years (it’s a miracle I make it on time because I feel like I’m always running late). 


My best photography partner is my Canon 5D Mark IV. I love photographing families with my Canon EF 35mm F/1.4 L II USM lens, which can take excellent shots even in the darkest situations using only natural light. Also, my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens always travels with me.